A Possible Health Hazard at Skola Sajf

Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has received shocking information that depicts the deteriorating state of the working environment at Skola Sajf.

Members reported that classes are filthy and messy.  They noticed screws lying around possibly as a result of recent works as well as damaged resources brought over by playworkers to assist them in their work.  This is clearly an unsuitable environment for education purposes and may pose a health hazard to those concerned.

In addition day to day resources to carry out activities are also lacking leaving no option for staff members other than to resort to buying your own.

Playworkers also pointed out that they have been taking care of special cases during extra hours without being paid due to staff shortages at the centres. This translates into special cases being cared for by untrained staff during extra hours.

UPE was also notified that classes are unbearable to work in due to intense heat.

The Union would like to see an improvement in the conditions at Skola Sajf where workers toil for the benefit of those attending.  UPE will continue to highlight these issues for a decent outcome.