About us

Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers (UPE) was initiated by professional educators with a vision to establishing an inclusive and consultative set up.

UPE offers its diversified range of members an exquisite service that comprises legal advise and consultancy in a personalised and unique form.

The principles of empowering esteemed members as well as listening to the concerns of those involved has guided the union throughout.  In addition the core values of integrity, empathy, and trustworthiness serve as a foundation for the sustainment of the common good.

Our willingness to serve and guide those concerned remains enshrined in a vision embraced by the union in its endeavour to reach out those who seek its prompt and efficient service.

We invite you to join a union that cares genuinely in matters that may seem trivial but are concerning for those who happen to carry the burden.

We appreciate your support


UPE Statute