Beyond Professionals

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers was shocked to see a screenshot taken from the Malta Independent this morning, in which LSEs were gratuitously attacked and dismissed as lacking in professional status. 

It is disgusting to see how such comments deprecate members of the educational system, who provide a service to our more vulnerable members of society. Vulnerability is not just physical, and many of the children they are assigned to would, without their assistance, very likely end up navigating the fringes of society, never realising their true potential.  

These LSEs invest time studying to improve their professional level, some even reaching degree level, and some taking that even further. It is thanks to their professional behaviour, and the voluntary training they take upon themselves while juggling work, studies and home life, that our children with statements of need are guaranteed access to education. 

And throughout all of this ordeal, they have to put up with this kind of demeaning comment, openly stated by people who probably have no idea what the job entails. Despite being the scapegoats of the educational system, they do not back down, and do their utmost to improve their status with training coming out of their own pockets.

Through the years, these pioneers of inclusion, have been dealt the short end of the stick, even by their own union in the last collective agreement: it is about time that action is taken against empty vessels sounding void remarks aiming to disparage these pillars of inclusive education.