Breach In The Right To a Fair Debate

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers would like to express its dismay at the fact that the Minister of Education, Hon. Owen Bonnici, and MUT President Marco Bonnici have, yet again, refused to participate in a televised debate on TVM which would have been featured on Xtra, presented by Saviour Balzan. 

The TV program Xtra has succumbed to pressure exercised by the Minister and the MUT and has advised the UPE Executive Head, Mr Graham Sansone, that it is highly probable that the above-mentioned protagonists will be participating alone. 

The UPE asks, why are the Hon. Owen Bonnici and Mr. Marco Bonnici so afraid to engage in discussion on the current educational crisis with the UPE?  It seems evident that, yet again, the status quo is being allowed to reign supreme thus not allowing the UPE to have a say, stating its position. This situation is curbing the democratic right of the general public, as well as that of educators at large, to listen to the views of an established and registered trade union. 

Therefore the UPE is calling on all serious media outlets, to challenge this attempt at stunting the right to a fair debate. The UPE has always expressed its availability to initiate a debate with the Minister, or Permanent Secretary, as well as with their supposed partner in crime Mr. Marco Bonnici. This offer stood strong in the past and continues to stand strong, ready to be availed of any time the two parties find the courage to look the UPE straight in the eye publically, and engage in civilised face-to-face discussion.