Budget 2021

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, is more than a little disappointed with the budget as announced yesterday, Monday the 19th of October 2020. Despite the significant effort educators made when schools were closed, despite the work they did over the summer holidays, despite having rolled up their sleeves and scrapped their work to start over from scratch because syllabi were changed 3 weeks before the children returned to school, despite their resourcefulness, their resilience, their passion for their work, educators have yet again been forgotten.

One would have expected to see LSEs have their courses paid in full and in advance, rather than continue forcing them to pay up and eventually have a large part of it returned. After all, not all LSEs can afford to dish out those sums, and many are lagging behind for this reason. 

One would have expected to see supply teachers having their position regulated through the provision of courses in all subjects available, something that would have pulled them out of the current limbo they are being left to float aimlessly in.

One would have expected to see internet expenses subsidized, after having had educators across the board making use of their private connection to work and deliver lessons online. This went on for three and a half months, and now we are seeing educators again resorting to online teaching when whole classes are being asked to stay home. Yet even this ample use of private resources and services was not acknowledged or appreciated.

One would have expected to see some of our older schools have funds invested in long overdue renovations. Schools like the ones in Mosta or Sliema, which are structurally outdated, and which surely do not live up to the expectations imposed by the realities we are living through today.

The Union of Professional Educators, is very disappointed at the umpteenth dismissal of educators’ needs, despite their constantly being called upon to bend over backwards and comply event to the most ridiculously unreasonable requests any time things go awry.