Children Breaching Rules, Teachers Feeling Powerless!

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers is closely following the frustrated pleas coming from grassroots educators who are struggling on a daily basis to cope with the rising number of issues being faced in classrooms. 

The union has received multiple reports from members, that students have been removing masks during lessons and have even been disregarding any insistence coming from members of the school administration requiring of them to maintain social distance. One member also reported multiple instances of overcrowded corridors, and a complete disregard of instructions educators have been imparting to students. Others have complained that, due to the measures which are currently in place, students who misbehave cannot be sent to the Head of School, thus giving students the impression that there can be no real consequence for their misbehaviour. 

Other members of the union have reported that many students who are being sent home with flu-like symptoms have been returning the following day with a certificate stating that they are only suffering of allergies. 

The UPE is also aware that students attending medical appointments in hospital during the day are returning to school immediately after, when common sense should suggest that one returns home so as to prevent any possible transmission. 

All these grievances are leaving an unwelcome impact on our educators’ morale who are giving their all so as to maintain a safe working environment not only for themselves but also for the students under their care. 

For this reason, the Union is notifying the Ministry, as well as the Secretariat for Catholic Education, of the need to impose stricter precautionary measures by the end of the week. Should this not take place, the Union will left with no choice other than to take further action.

Should any of our members be experiencing any similar situation, they are kindly invited to promptly contact the union to intervene on their behalf. Should any of our members have any further queries they are not to hesitate to contact the union at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.