Church and Private School Lose Autonomy After Disastrous MUT Deal

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, cannot help but notice that Church and Private schools have been stripped of their autonomy in operation following yet another disastrous  MUT backdoor-deal. 

Online practice was successfully mustered, in March 2020, by Church and Private school educators, whose institutions invested on academic platforms as well as a more solid infrastructure. This had been done to garner the ability to switch to remote learning whenever the need arises. 

Their endeavour bore fruit with the evidence of a full online time table in place in the last two days, adopted as a preventative measure in the wake of a significant spike in COVID-positive cases. Following the agreement reached on Friday, such practices can no longer be adopted thus putting educators and students at unnecessary risk of contagion. 

The UPE feels the need to highlight the positive feedback coming from parents of children in Church and Private schools for the sterling service provided, and yet these educators and their institutions were unfairly placed on the same footing as state schools by the Ministry and the general public during the two-day strike. 

Several educators within these sectors reached out to the UPE to vent their frustration on the matter given that they were delivering an optimal service and that all efforts were being made to this end.

The local media did not acknowledge that a large number of educators were still performing their educational duties with students, nor was it willing to stress on how Church and Private schools had been well-prepared from way back at the start of this pandemic, while state schools showed no similar inclination to invest at the same level. 

It is with a heavy heart that the UPE views the fact that all the effort conducted by Church and Private school educators has been flushed down the drain, to patch up and conceal the existing lacunae in the State sector, after a one-size-fits-all agreement was endorsed by MUT.  It has thus become evident that MUT’s time representing the educational sector should come to a close.