Church School Agreement

The Union Of Professional Educators –  Voice of The Workers would like to point out a few factors after receiving information that MUT is currently conducting a “vote” similar to the online survey presented in December 2017  with the intention of seeking approval for the signing of the Church School Agreement.
Once again the union concerned is deceiving its members employed within Church Schools for the simple fact that the Sectorial Agreement signed last December determines the major changes that will be happening in the coming scholastic years.
The Chruch School agreement is a copy & paste exercise with minor changes. Financials and allowances, job description and job engagement, as well as the introduction of the LOF’s, will remain the same as per Sectorial Agreement.
The online “vote” system being held at the moment is against trade unionistic values and doesn’t seek the approval of members. Mr Bonnici and the Council should know best how trade unions operate.
The standard and most transparent way of seeking approval of members is to have the agreement disseminated among its members, explained chapter by chapter and a vote is taken on ALL of the text.  The vote is to be a yes or no answer as to the text being presented. If the majority is in favour than one goes to sign if not the Union is obliged to see what was not accepted and renegotiate that particular section.
UPE questions what is so different now than from last December?s online survey? Once again MUT has presented a list of populist questions that will only attract a yes answer. A shame to the trade union movement.