Clarification on the directives issued – DCLE09/2020 and comments by Minister on social media

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers would like to clarify in this article why it has issued the directives on the new schemes of work with reference to the circular Ref: DCLE 09/2020 issued by the taskforce on the 5th of May 2020.

The first directive issued reads as follows:

  • Educators who are members of the UPE are not to submit any new/revised schemes of work and records of work for the 3rd term since they have already been submitted at the beginning of the scholastic year. 

In the circular the taskforce required of teachers to “send to their Head of School a copy of their scheme of work at the start of each month and a week by week record of work by the end of each respective month as adapted to the present situation. This provision shall start as from Monday 11th May 2020.” DCLE 09/2020. The union considers this redundant, additional work which burdens our educators unnecessarily, as teachers have already submitted the required documentation at the beginning of the year.  

In a meeting with MEDE officials where this directive was contested and where the union was asked for it to be revoked, it was verbally stated, time and time again, that teachers could send the original schemes of work, in other words, the schemes of work which had been handed in at the beginning of the scholastic year 2019/2020. This however is not clearly reflected in the circular, as at no point do we read that which they assumed should be clear. On this matter, during the meeting, the union insisted that MEDE provides further elucidation to its employees. 

With regards to the records of work, this kind of documentation is one which the majority of our schools have not requested in years. A few schools still request this documentation, however, no time limit is ever imposed when it comes to its submission. Since most teachers are not required to hand in this document, the submission of the same has never been enforced by HoS, over the years. 

Hence, in the interest of our educators, and with the intention of safeguarding them from unnecessary pressure and workloads, this directive will not be revoked. 

Our second directive reads as follows:

  • Educators who are members of the UPE are to refrain from handing over their lesson plans or any teaching resources since these are their intellectual property.

This directive was issued following a Facebook post issued by the Hon. Minister Owen Bonnici himself, which was later redacted. The union feels in duty bound to take the Hon. Minister’s words earnestly as ignoring such a statement would undermine his position, which was ultimately entrusted upon him by the electorate, and consequently even this directive will not be revoked.

Should our members have any further queries, they are always welcome to contact us directly via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400