COVID-19 UPDATE: The MUT is Meddling with Conditions of Work behind Educators’ Backs

The UPE has been informed, via email by Dr. Frank Fabri, that in the wake of the closure of schools, the MUT has initiated covert negotiations with the government over the working conditions of educators without ensuring that educators have been adequately advised. Reliable sources have confirmed that these negotiations are related to the introduction of online working systems and remote teaching technologies, and are all being condoned by the MUT. 

The UPE argues that it has a legitimate interest in being officially consulted on the nature and the kind of negotiations being carried out in the educational sector, as these could impact its members’ working conditions and work-life balance. Moreover, the UPE stresses that no changes, additions or amendments to working conditions should be accepted without the finalisation of a new agreement. Regretfully, the UPE has observed that the MUT has once again supported the introduction of additional duties and burdens on the existing work load of educators without seeking proper agreement from educators, or even pushing for adequate compensation for those who would be involved in the actuation of these agreed strategies. In view of previous negotiations held in the recent past, this would be the third time that the MUT is taking matters into its own hands and has been taking decisions of its own accord when they should have been subjected to agreement with educators.

In the light of all of the above, the UPE urges all educators to be vigilant with regards to any changes in duties which might edge in following the negotiations which the MUT is currently carrying out with the government. Educators cannot carry on being duped into impossible situations dictated by a select few who think they can take collective decisions without proper consultation.

In conclusion, the only viable solution is to oust the MUT once and for all from carrying out any underhanded negotiations which ultimately leave educators even more burdened with additional or new duties without them receiving due compensation. As things stand, their current influence is bound to lead to even more exploitation of our educators.