Crisis within Learning Centres

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has been receiving various queries with regards to the current situations within the States Learning Centres around the island.

LSE’s are arriving home bruised and battered after a day at work and surely this is not the right situation for any employee within the Public Sector. The Union is advising its members to take photos of such bruises, bites and other visible injuries and email them to us as to compile enough data on the matter.

UPE is also questioning the restraining techniques used as the Union is aware that no courses have been forthcoming with regards to such techniques thus leaving LSE’s helpless during full-blown tantrums by the mentioned students, apart from the fact that there is a potential risk that such students might get injured in the process. This issue was already highlighted a few months ago with the Department of Education.

The Union is concerned for both parties involved and for this reason UPE will be discussing the issue with MEDE.

Members of the Union will be informed accordingly with the outcome of the meeting.