Critical Situation at St Angela’s Kindergarten School

Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers (UPE) is seriously concerned about the confirmation of redundancies of Learning Support Educators (LSEs) from St Angela’s Kindergarten School.
In the circumstances, the union held several meetings with its members and officials at the Secretariat for Catholic Educations to resolve the serious matter.  It would appear that the handling of the ranking order reserved for employees was formulated inappropriately by the authorities in the absence of face to face interviews when they were engaged.
In fact, an email was sent in the recent past by the administrator of the educational facility regarding the ranking order of all LSE’s employed within her school.  Unfortunately, the implied ranking order seems to have been disregarded.
In addition to the above irregularities, it is pertinent to point out that Social Security contributions may not have been affected for the past fourteen years.
In the circumstances, the union had no other alternative than to demand immediate regulation for such payments.  Further action is being contemplated in this regard.
UPE has in the meantime enquired with the Secretariat about any meaningful assistance afforded to those at the receiving end.   We are pleased to note that every effort is being exercised from the Church authorities to seek a favourable outcome.  However, it must be said that the union has proceeded with an industrial dispute in relation to the ranking order whilst seeking a resolution to the issue at hand.