Directive on Nurture Group Teachers and LSEs

It has been brought to the attention of the Union, that some of its members working in Nurture Group programmes have been instructed to include children with autism, Global Developmental Delay and other conditions, within their independent living skills programme.

This instruction was given by their director despite knowing that the programme was not designed to cater for the needs of children living with these conditions. We firmly believe that students living with different disabilities would benefit more if an alternative programme, which would also include Independent Living Skills (ILS), is designed and implemented by the directorate to accommodate for their more specific needs.

Nurture Group Programmes were originally designed to cater for students with SEBD and, as things stand at the moment, the educators currently working in these established Nurture Group Programmes are finding it impossible to conduct lessons in ILS with students having abilities which do not match those for which the programme was originally developed. 

The union thus felt compelled to issue the following directive:

Teachers and LSEs, members of the UPE, working in Nurture Groups Programmes, are to refrain from accepting students with conditions that render the already set Nurture Group Programme ineffective.

The UPE urges members working in Nurture Group programmes to report any such situations. One can do so by emailing us at or by calling any of the following numbers 25905400 or 79936582 /79802249 / 99248352