Directive – St. Thomas More College, Zejtun Secondary

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, has been notified by its members working at St. Thomas More College, Zejtun Secondary, that they are being required to work in an environment which is not allowing for teaching, and learning, to be effective.

These educators have reported that they were required to teach in a hall which has been divided into three parts by two-metre-high partitions. This hall is thus being used to teach three separate classes concurrently. One can just imagine the difficulty incurred by educators who are being put in a position where noise levels coming from all three classes, together with the inevitable muffling resulting from the masks which need to be worn by the educators and students alike, are nullifying the efforts being made in the transmission of information during the lessons. Furthermore, due to the nature of these makeshift classrooms, no videos or resources with additional sounds can be made use of, as these would only further disrupt the lessons in the adjacent classes, and create an even more chaotic environment as a whole. 

In view of all of the above, the UPE is issuing the following directive to its members working in the mentioned hall at St. Thomas More College, Zejtun Secondary:

Educators who are members of the UPE and who are working in XXX Hall at St. Thomas More College, Zejtun Secondary, are not to deliver lessons in that location, but expect to be assigned a regular classroom. If no classroom is made available for use, these educators are to refrain from delivering their lessons altogether.

Should any of our members working at St. Thomas More College, Zejtun Secondary have any further queries, or feel they are being coerced into complying with requests going against the above directive, are invited to contact the union via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.