Directives by U.P.E. Voice of The Workers justified once more after M.U.T. follows suite.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is pleased to have been a catalyst for change after hearing that the other Teachers’ Union has issued its own directives for all H.O.D.s and Teachers of Mathematics and Maltese for now, since these were the first subjects affected by the 25 lesson load.
U.P.E. listened to the Teachers’ concerns and acted promptly by approaching the Directorate of Education and by providing directives when there was no positive response and the problem was shoved off as it only concerned “a handful” or 17 Teachers! These Teachers were grateful since the other Union had not reacted even though they had already pointed out the 25 load problem before the signing of agreement!
This late development has thrown more light on the fact that U.P.E. was justified to issue directives, that the Directorate of Industrial & Employment Relation’s (D.I.E.R) conclusion was that no industrial law was broken by U.P.E. The Ministry ‘s mandate of inhibition against U.P.E. seems unjust and discriminatory both to the Union and its members or prospective members. The other Union issued directives that impinge on the L.O.F.s (Learning Outcome Framework), a system imposed on Teachers because this Union did not give them the promised vote and was the sole signatory. Also, all employees, as asserted by the D.I.E.R., have the right to associate or dissociate with any Union they prefer and support any Union’s directives even if they are still non-members.
An outstanding conclusion seems to be that, none have questioned the real concerns of Teachers, that the already present problem of heavy loading and workloads is growing with the new reforms as admitted by the same signatory Union.
The Union of Professional Educators augurs that the Directorate will make sure, that there will not be a repetition of the intimidation and threat of disciplinary action, against its members or prospective ones.