Directives – Class Room Visits During Open Days.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has received various reports from teachers and LSEs who are members of the union working in state schools, stating that Heads of School are organising Open Days which will include an open-door policy and in which parents and guardians will be given the freedom to enter classrooms to assist to lessons being delivered by  teachers. 

To add insult to injury, the Heads of School are obliging our members to formulate a simple demonstration lesson for parents and guardians visiting the Open Day, and are also being expected to prepare a presentation, on PowerPoint or video, of students’ work done to date. Kindergarten educators are furthermore being expected to organise an outdoor activity. 

The Union repudiates such open-door policies where parents are allowed to enter the class and view the teachers’ work or lesson, as it is nothing more than a disruption to the effective execution of lesson plans established by the teachers themselves. The UPE would also like to point out that in no other profession are the general public invited to visit or inspect professionals in the performance of their duties. 

It also needs to be pointed out that classrooms are not large enough to contain any more people than would normally be considered a class of students plus professionals working within. This is thus bound to create a state of overcrowding in the classrooms.

For this reason, the Union is issuing the following directives to its members:

  1. Teachers, KGEs and LSEs who are members of the UPE are not to prepare a special program for the Open Day but are to continue working on their lessons as planned. 
  1. Teachers, KGEs and LSEs who are members of the UPE are not to accept parents or guardians inside the class. 

Members of the union having any further queries can contact us via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400