Directives For All State School Teachers Members of UPE Regarding The Production Of Resources & Other Teaching Materials By Teachers & The Inputting Of Assessments.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is concerned about the fact that Education Directorate Officials are expecting Teachers to change their Scheme of Work formats and to include strategies, or activities and an overall description of rescources, to be used during lessons.

UPE would like to remind MEDE that such information is the intellectual property of the Teacher, who has the right to modify and alter the lesson according to the classroom dynamics that he/she encounters on a daily basis.

The Learning Outcomes Framework introduced with the historical 2017 M.U.T. agreement, has added new burdens on Teachers. The Union is aware that Teachers are being obliged to repeat and correct assessment tasks when students are absent on assessment day or fail to hand in their assessment work on time. The Teacher, as a Professional, has always had the responsibility to choose by himself or herself whether to award a mark or not to a student.

For this reason, the following directives are going to be issued covering teachers, members of UPE;

1. Teachers members of UPE, are not obliged to disclose their choice of strategy, activities or resources in their Schemes of Work or otherwise.
The above directive is also applicable where ever Teachers members of UPE, are being asked to provide resources or modified syllabi themselves.

2. Teachers members of UPE, are not bound to give or correct assessments to students who either are not present when assessing task is done or do not hand in their work on time.

UPE is adamant that such practices need to stop at once. Members and prospective members of UPE can seek further assistance by sending their queries on or by calling at our offices on 2590 5400