Directives issued for Church Schools LSE’s

Learning Support Educators (LSE’s) working within Church Schools are currently understaffed, resulting in LSE’s being stretched to their limits for the following reasons;


When LSE’s, covering a 1 to 1 student are indisposed or on Special Leave, other LSE’s covering shared students have to replace their colleagues. Unfortunately due to this LSE’s working with Shared Students can’t plan their daily schedules accordingly, therefore the mentioned document becomes useless since the shared student will be left without the support of the LSE. 


A solution to this problem would be to have a good number of relievers to fill in the void.

For this reason, the Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has filed a dispute with the Secretariat of Catholic Education. 

In the meantime until a solution to this problem is found the Union is issuing the following directive; 

LSE’s members of UPE are not to fill in daily schedules. 

Members and prospective members of the Union can contact us for further information or 79936582 / 2590 5400