Directives on Wage Discrepancy Suspended following Action taken by the Ministry.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, following a lengthy consultation with its legal team, has determined that the written confirmation provided by Dr. Fabri and the OPM is to be considered sufficient evidence of intended action, and hence suspends the 3 directives listed below with immediate effect.

  • LSEs, KGEs and Teachers, Members of UPE are to not to attend or carry out any work on IEPs. 
  • LSEs members of UPE are not to work on adaptations. 
  • LSEs members of UPE are not to carry out and document observations within the school.

The email states very clearly that the adjustments will be effected and the arrears will be paid up eventually, and such a communication is to be considered legally binding. It is for this reason that our legal team recommended suspending the directives, as maintaining them would prove to be nothing more than a redundant act.

Any further queries on the issue can be forwarded to the UPE via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.