Directives – PSCD & Guidance Teachers expected to do Career Advisor duties. 

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, has been in contact with the Ministry over the additional duties that PSCD & Guidance teachers members of UPE are being expected to do instead of Career Advisors.

The Union would like to make it clear that PSCD & Guidance Teachers have a different role from that of Career Advisors and that there should be no overlap in duties.

The duties of ESP (Career Advisor) as stipulated by the Ministry are:

(a) helping students make appropriate career decisions by providing information and advice on available education, training and employment opportunities; 

(b) facilitating the opportunity for students to develop career plans based on their skills, interests, values and abilities; 

(c) helping students with résumés, job and course applications, interview skills, and other career pathfinding strategies; 

(d) keeping up to date with labour market information, legislation, professional and academic developments by visiting employers, training providers and training events run by educational and professional bodies; 

(e) organizing and participating in careers education programmes, suggesting speakers and contributing to the delivery of sessions; 

(f) working in close collaboration with the College Education psycho-social team, school management teams, the National School Support Services and other professionals employed with other government entities and also non- governmental agencies, thereby ensuring maximum utilization of resources for the benefit of the students; 

(g) ensuring that records and logging systems are well kept regarding all interventions carried out with each student while ensuring confidentiality at all times in accordance with existing legal provisions.

The UPE is therefore issuing the following directive to safeguard its members from the above workload until the situation is rectified.

PSCD & Guidance Teachers members of the UPE are not to do any work related to the duties of ESP / Career Advisors. 

The UPE urges teachers to report any such situation. One can do so by emailing us at or by calling any of the following numbers 25905400 or 79936582 /79802249 / 99248352