Directives Regarding SEAC

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has received various reports concerning the introduction of the applied subjects linked with the new certification programme in Secondary schools called SEAC. This is a new never tried system which is intended to be offered from the next scholastic year, 2019 -2020, to students who choose the new hands-on subjects.

Though it was at first meant to be introduced on a voluntary basis, that is a school was meant to offer SEAC if the Teachers agreed to it, it now transpires that School Administrators are putting pressure on Teachers and even threatening them with redundancy if they do not accept to embark on this three year mystery trip.

The Union believes that Teachers cannot take up the responsibility of starting a new three-year certification course, which will not lead students to the accredited SEC exams, and for which no Pilot project has been done by the Directorate of Education. Teachers have not been offered any new conditions of work and have never been given any training if they do choose to teach these applied courses. To make things worse they cannot leave before the three years elapse since that would mean forcing other Teachers to take their place.

If Teachers and Schools do embark on this mystery journey, since the Director General of Curriculum could only tell Teachers that he believes this system would be good, but could not produce any studies or already existing course work that describes this three year certification. The historic MUT agreement did not foresee that Teachers would have to prepare all course work by themselves.

For the above reasons, the Union is issuing the following directives to its members;

1. Teachers members of UPE are not to decide whether to introduce SEAC into their schools and are free to have a different opinion than the rest of the Teachers teaching their subject.

2. Teachers members of UPE are not to prepare syllabi or new course material to be used with future SEAC students.

Members and prospective members of UPE can seek further assistance by sending their queries on or by calling at our offices on 2590 5400