Directives Related To Circulars DES 31/2020 and DES 32/2020

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers was revived when reading the circulars DES 31/2020 and DES 32/2020, where Nurture Group Teachers, Nurture Group LSEs, Complementary Teachers and Literacy Support Teachers were informed that they would be returning to do the work they should have been doing by virtue of their qualifications and preparation. The union hopes that these notifications are but the prelude of other similar notifications where also other groups of specialised educators will be returning to what they should be doing, in the imminent future. 

There was only one part of this circular which the UPE was not particularly keen on. In the last part of the circular, these educators were informed that despite having their own time table, they were still subject to being called away from their scheduled duties so as to take on replacements as per “current exigencies”. This obviously places these educators under unnecessary strain with a level of uncertainty at the place of work which cannot be considered acceptable. These educators may have a normal day of work, they may be called away for one lesson, one day or a full week pretty much without prior notice, relinquishing the work they had prepared and abandoning the children they should be working with, to cover for their colleagues who could not make it to school. 

This does not speak much in favour of respect shown towards the work being done by these Educators, nor does it seem to respect the continuity needed by the children making use of their services. For this reason, the UPE is issuing the following directive:

Nurture Group Teachers, Nurture Group LSEs, Complementary Teachers, and Literacy Support Teachers, who are members of the UPE, are to adhere to their scheduled time table and not accept to take on any replacements. 

Furthermore, the union would like to remind these categories of educators, the directive issued on the 7th of October 2020:

Members of the UPE, who are KGEs, LSEs, teachers (including all relievers, peripatetic, complimentary and teachers who offered other services) and HODs are to refrain from reporting for work in other schools and to continue to report for work at their home school.

This directive is still active and applicable in conjunction with the directive issued in this article. Should any of our members have any further queries, or have their duty to work as per schedule disregarded, they are not to hesitate to contact the union at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.