Directives – Skola Sajf Luqa

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers is highly concerned with the current situation at Skola Sajf in Luqa.

In just a few days, 2 members of staff working at Skola Sajf in this locality have contracted Covid-19, thus endangering the health of other members of staff, as well as that of the students in their care. 

For this reason, the UPE is encouraging its members working in the above-mentioned school, to get tested for the virus as soon as possible. 

The UPE has notified FES that the Union is instructing its members to refrain from going to work from tomorrow the 29th July 2020 until FES provides a risk assessment stating that the place of work is safe. In the meantime, members are to self-isolate as per public health recommendations until test results are out and proven negative or given clearance by the Superintendent of Public Health. 

The employer, in this case the Ministry of Education and Employment, has to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, and the service user, at all times. 

The UPE would like the Minister to acknowledge the fact that attending school at this point in time is unsafe, unlike what he stated this morning. The Minister’s duty is to maintain transparency at all times thus giving both employees and parents the peace of mind they are due, and deserve, under such worrisome circumstances. 

It has become quite evident that there is a cluster present within the school. The Union is in contact with Professor Gauci and is expecting her recommendations on the mentioned case.