Disarray in Gozo School Over Lack of LSEs

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers was shocked when, this morning following a visit to the Rabat Secondary in Gozo, it was informed that children with severe autism are having their entitlement reviewed with the intention of changing it from a one-to-one status to a shared one, or even have it removed.

It appears evident that with this manoeuvre the government is attempting to reduce the number of LSEs in schools, much to the hindrance in performance of the LSEs currently working with the students concerned. The union puts the well-being of its educators as a first priority and finds this arrangement both illogical and unacceptable.

The union has also been informed that the number of children requiring an LSE, and who have not been assigned one, in Gozo, has risen significantly. This too leaves the union at a loss for words when there is waiting list of qualified Gozitan LSEs waiting to be assigned to a school in Gozo. It seems only natural to question why these Gozitans are not being allowed to perform their duties as LSEs on our sister island when it is rather evident that there is a dire need for their presence there.

This subtle underhanded activity with which the Government is systematically reducing the LSE workforce, while at the same time duping LSEs from our sister island into believing that their names on a list is providing security in the knowledge that they will eventually be sent to work in Gozo, has to cease.

Furthermore, the union insists that any removal or modification of an existing entitlement, when it comes to children with more demanding and severe conditions, is to be conducted professionally by professionals, so as not to create impossible work environments for our educators.

The union urges its members to report any such activities as soon as they are aware of them, so as to ensure action on our part. As always members are invited to not hesitate to contact us via via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400