Disciplined for following a union directive.

Assistant Head was following a safety measure due to being assaulted.

The Union of Professional Educators (UPE) Voice of the Workers is astonished that, today, the Assistant Head who was physically and verbally assaulted by the security guard, has received a notification by the management that he will be disciplined.

The reasons for the disciplinary procedures is due to the fact that, under a legal union directive, Mr Carmel Polidano, as a safety precaution, moved his office to another building at the same school. Secondly, he was also disciplined for being present with the police to view the recording of the incident at the same school.

This disciplinary procedure continues to raise questions as to why the Ministry and the management at the school are accusing the victim of this incident instead of taking proper action against the aggressor. The Union is also raising questions as to why the disciplinary procedure was received today.
Once again, the union is stressing that issuing a disciplinary procedure regarding an industrial action is illegal and it will not stop until the truth prevails. 

Graham Sansone, Executive Head of the UPE Voice of the Workers, concluded that “These are bullying tactics which the union will fight tooth and nail to stop them. It is these tactics that continue to show that our union is on the right path to fight these injustices.”