Dubious Medical Board Meetings

Dubious Medical Board Meetings

UPE has been informed that a number of Educators have received notices of meetings with the Medical Board representatives, which were called by MEDE.

Reasons for such meetings were not stated but the Union would like to clarify that it hopes that these are not precursors for transfers. Of course we do not condone any abuse of such delicate situations, notwithstanding who the perpetrator is.  Neither will we condone any misuse of power to justify transfers, if this ever takes place .

It is deplorable if MEDE is trying to solve its problems, which may be various, with measures that may cause undue and irreversible harm to its employees and their families.

UPE will fight these measures mercilessly if they were to happen.

The Union is there to defend its members’ integrity as well as their wellbeing, and will find no qualm if it has to resort to the Courts of Justice, to do so, against whichever entity happens to be responsible.