Educators Being Denied Their Constitutional Right of Affiliation to a Registered Trade Union

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has received several reports from its members regarding a breach in ethical behaviour from several members of the SMT where allegedly they are advising their members of staff that they would not be allowing any of their educators to abide by the directives which will be issued by the UPE in the coming days.

The union would like to point out the gravity of such behaviour, given that such persons are allegedly refusing their employees the right of affiliation to a registered trade union: a right which is enshrined within the constitution of Malta.

The union has reported these alleged breaches of professional ethics to both the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Frank Fabri, and the Director General, Educational Services Ministry for Education and Employment, Ms Maria McNamara. To date there has been no communication from either, but the UPE intends to ensure that disciplinary measures are taken against such members of the SMT should the allegations made be proven true.

The union will have no qualms at taking action with any members of the SMT who attempt to intimidate members into submission to such unconstitutional impositions, neither will it hesitate to name and shame any member of the SMT who dares to go against the constitution by attempting to stifle UPE members and their right of affiliation to a registered trade union.

Should any of our members, in any school, and at any level, experience such instances of unethical behaviour from their superiors, they are to contact us without delay at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.