Educators Day

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is this year celebrating Educators’ Day, a day which allows us to reflect on the virtues of those Educators that have touched our lives and have made us the people we are today. UPE would like to thank all Educators for the sterling work, done during the year even though much of the work done with students, lacks in appreciation by both the general public and the authorities. 

We thank Educators for striving during these difficult times, even though the odds are against them since they are always under the overly-critical scrutiny of the authorities. 

We thank those Educators who spend time away from their families, correcting and preparing resources for their students, despite not being paid enough. 

We thank those Educators who act as mothers and fathers to the students under their care by feeding them at school when their guardians forget about their most basic needs. 

We thank those Educators who listen and offer a sympathetic shoulder to those who are abandoned by society, even when they are the ones who are forgotten by all. 

We thank those Educators who go the extra mile to see special needs students reach their full potential even though there are no resources readily at hand. 

We thank those Educators who, every month, spend a good part of their salary creating a welcoming and homely working environment, despite the poor conditions of the classrooms they have to work in. 

We thank those Educators who miss out on their breaks to fill in for the lack of personnel at school, resulting from the current shortage our educational system is experiencing. 

We thank those Educators who have put up with injustice over the years, due to various shortcomings which the Ministry has overlooked. 

We thank our Gozitan Educators who face a long commute on a daily basis so as to be present with their students, and selflessly adapt their lives to the benefit of that of others. 

UPE is fully aware that nowadays the profession has lost the respect it is due as a result of various factors, and for this reason, the Union encourages the Public to be more appreciative of the fact that their own success in life is also due to the presence and intervention of Educators throughout their early years.