Educators giving it their all

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has been living this pandemic with its rollercoaster ride of fear, anxiety and constant instability, together with its members. The union applauds our educators’ ability to persist, adapt and deliver under such stressful circumstances: they have shown what true professionals are truly made out of.

The definite closure of schools for this academic year hit hard and hit home with our Educators, most of whom were secretly hoping for the expectable to never take form. It is in this scenario that, our teachers, already burdened with issues of their own, are forced to witness just how people who know nothing of our profession, attempt to make sweeping statements about the whole sector, in an attempt to deprecate our educators. Empty vessels make most sound.

The UPE can only reiterate its pride at seeing Educators work so well under such circumstances: each one with his or her own different set of resources at hand, all with the final goal of reaching the children they were given to educate as best they can. The union is sure that those who understand the value of education, and are not looking for a source on which to vent their frustration or sense of inadequacy, can only commend our educators’ endeavours in this exceptional time in history.

Esteemed members, remember that those who try to drag you down are already way below you, use the knowledge of your higher position as a motivator to persist in your good work.