FES delaying Salary payments for Skola Sajf

Various complaints from members to Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers suggest that the operators of Skola Sajf being Foundation for Educational Services (FES) are intending to issue salaries late in September and October.

In fact, according to an email regarding salaries – FES officials notified employees of an inconvenient delay.  For instance the initial payment for those commencing Skola Sajf on the 12th of July are projected for 7th of September.

Such procrastination in authorising dues may constitute a breach of Chapter 452 Employment and Industrial Relations Act.  In fact clause 22 stipulates that – Every employer shall pay or cause to be paid wages to his employees at regular intervals which shall not exceed four weeks in arrears.

The Union calls on FES to adhere to the stipulations of the Industrial Relations Act to contain any inconvenience caused to the employees concerned.

UPE will continue to monitor the situation closely and report any developments in the coming days.