From Baby Sitters to Shop Vendors


From Baby Sitters to Shop Vendors, this is the way LSE’s are currently being treated within State & Church Schools.

The union has received reports that during Parents Day or Parents Evenings, LSE’s are not to remain in class with the teacher but are to sell various items such as books, food, plants etc to visiting parents in some cases even a roaster has been sent to staff members, while other schools have organised an outing for students in which LSE’s will be out of school during parents day, in which they will be accompanied by peripatetic teachers.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers categorically condemns such measures being taken.

UPE would like to remind the respective employers that during both agreements signed on 2018, all parties agreed that,  ” It is the responsibility of the Learning Support Educator (LSE) to assist the teaching and learning process led by the Teacher, promoting independence and fulfilment of all learners, with or without a recognised statement of needs, in all learning experiences and contexts at all cycles (Early, Junior, Secondary and Upper Secondary Years) within the educational journey. The LSE is expected to collaborate closely, and be guided by the Teacher, and other professionals who may be supporting this endeavour…”

So what is the scope of having an agreement that states one thing but in practice does the other If LSE’s are “to assist the teacher in the teaching and learning process of all learners, with or without a recognised statement of needs” but are not being let inside the classroom during parents day?

During the past days, the Union got in contact with both State and Church authorities with regards to this matter.

The Union thanks both parties that recognised that the role of an LSE is to be in class during Parents day, and if certain circumstances require that the LSE is not to be present, he/she is to continue working on their respective resources. Selling of products must only be done on a voluntary basis.

Members and prospective members are to report with immediate effect schools that impose such measures on its members of staff.