Good Negotiators Reach a Good Agreement Irrespective Of The Entity It Is Negotiating With

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has been analysing the proposals put forward by The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) with regards to the introduction of a Public Sector setup called Education Malta.

This is a clear admission by this union that back in 2017 when it negotiated the last agreement and promised a 25% increase, the wage increase was not enough and was a far cry from what it had promised. Now, it is trying to justify its failures by arguing that the problem was not their negotiations, but was because it was done in the Government framework.

UPE Voice of the Workers position is that, irrespective whether an agreement is negotiated with the Public Service (directly with the government) or within the Public Sector (similar to MCAST), the formula that makes a good agreement is based on the negotiators. Good negotiators reach a good agreement irrespective of the entity it is negotiating with.

What is sure is that UPE has specialised persons whose sole duty is to negotiate and it is prepared to do this in any entity. The same cannot be said to anyone else in this sector as was proven over and over again during these past two years.