Grave concern on Skola Sajf

UPE has received various reports over the past weekend whereby the lack of ill preparation from FES and MEDE will lead to a worrying situation during this year Skola Sajf. Members have reported that the low turn out from educators is due to the precarious working conditions and meagre pay being offered thus not attracted the numbers required for this summers large intake.
Considering the possibility that the current numbers of educators may drop due to absenteeism, holidays or further resignations, FES & MEDE will be faced with overcrowded classrooms and understaffed facilities.
The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers calls on the people responsible to ensure that adequate facilities are in place for its members as well as make sure to respect the ratio’s required by law within the class. The union also would like to emphasise that unless educators are going to be remunerated in a decent way MEDE & FES will keep on finding the same problems year in year out. Teachers being paid Eur5.91 an hour is an equivalent rate that others jobs in the hospitality industry offer.
The union is even more surprised that MUT didn’t take action over the past years to improve the wages being offered.
Meanwhile, members are always welcome to contact the Union to clarify and discuss any issues or queries related to Skola Sajf. If need be, UPE will then contact MEDE or FES according.