Heads of Schools creating fictitious roles

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, has received hard evidence that certain Heads of School working within State and Church schools are discriminating between teachers of the same grade.

It has been brought to our attention that Heads of Schools are creating fictitious roles which are not within the parameters of the agreement, and have consequently been giving concessions on working loads to teachers who have been asked to take up these roles. As a result of this, some teachers are being burdened with a full load of replacement lessons, while others are receiving preferential treatment and are on a much lighter load. 

This has created an unprecedented crisis within schools, where the School Administration is regularly having to face replacement shortages at the end of the week. 

The Union is in possession of emails sent to teachers asking them to voluntarily take up replacement lessons which exceed their stipulated maximum working loads, thus asking them to completely disregard the agreement which should be binding.

The UPE will not tolerate any such discriminatory actions taken by the Heads of School. With the intention to curb such practices, in the past few days, the UPE has issued directives to UPE members working in one particular school, instructing them not take on any replacement lessons. 

If the problem is not resolved within the coming days the Union will feel compelled to publically name and shame any school adopting such biased practices. The UPE does not exclude the possibility of issuing nationwide directives for its members should these Heads of school not desist from such acts.

The UPE urges teachers to report any fabricated roles imposed by the school management, and any resulting impartial work overloads, to the Union. One can do so by emailing us at or by calling any of the following numbers 2590 5400 or 79936582 /79802249 / 99248352