KGE Workload Instructions

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has been approached by many KGEs working in local schools in relation to what they should be expected to do in terms of project plans and weekly plans. 

The primary concern that these KGEs had, was the difficulty they have been experiencing when attempting to keep up with the maintenance of the emerging curriculum. Due to the current situation, these KGEs have not been able to gauge what the main interests of the children are, mainly because they are not directly in contact with the children as would normally be the case. It becomes rather obvious that this is a system that cannot be considered feasible in the current setting.

The union recommends that KGEs are to wait for further instructions from the Ministry, to see what it is that the ministry will be requiring of them to do, and from there it will be possible to determine whether or not they will be subjected to an additional workload when compared to the situation which existed prior to the onset of COVID-19. The union has also been informed that some schools have notified their KGEs that no planning will be required of them. 

To date, KGEs are required to submit a weekly project on a topic, with feedback. However, should it be the case that KGEs are asked to do more than what is due, the union would like to reassure its members that it will not hesitate to issue directives as necessary. The union is closely monitoring the situation, and KGEs who are members of the UPE are being asked to report any additional work that may be imposed on them so that the union can take prompt action in that regard.

KGEs who have any further queries on the matter, or who wish to report any additional work which does not fall under the normal workload, should not hesitate to contact the union directly via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400