KGEs being denied Curriculum Time due to lack of KGE Relievers.

During the past weeks, the UPE has been monitoring various state schools in which KGEs are being denied their weekly curriculum time due to a lack of KGE relievers.

This is in breach of the collective agreement in which clause 12.3 states that,

“For non-compulsory schooling years, all Kindergarten Educators and Teachers serving at Kindergarten level shall be entitled to 60 minutes per week of non- contact/curriculum time as from scholastic year 2018/2019 to reach a maximum of 90 minutes per week of non-contact/curriculum time from scholastic year 2019/2020.”

The UPE has given the ministry until Thursday the 5th of December 2019 to resolve the issue before issuing directives to its members. It seems that MEDE does not understand the importance of Curriculum Time, in which important planning is discussed among members of the mentioned grade.

The Union will update its members on the matter within the coming days.