UPDATE: KGE’s & LSE’s in Church Schools left vulnerable with laptops in case of damage.

Update: In the past hours, a statement has been released by the Secretariat of Catholic Education that states that its schools, will cover the damages that may occur by students to KGE’s & LSE’s laptops.

The Union is pleased that such measures wil be in place and will hold the Church Schools concerned accountable if the school does not honour its commitment.

Members of the Union (UPE) are asked to contact Union Officials immediately of any arising issues related to the above.


KGE’s & LSE’s in Church Schools left vulnerable with laptops in case of damage.

The Union Of Professional Educators – Voice Of The Workers, has been receiving various reports from Church Schools that laptops are being given out without any form of insurance to cover for any inevitable damage.

Unlike state schools, the Secretariat hasn’t ensured that its workers within it schools are safeguarded, in some instances management has even told KGE’s and LSE’s that they are personally liable for the device if some student breaks or damages the device.

UPE is aware that KGE’s work among young students that might put at risk such a device, while LSE’s are expected to work with students with various disabilities, some of whom might show aggressive behaviour.

The Union is notifying its members that if laptops are being distributed without a written guarantee safeguarding such instances of manhandling by students, they are to return their devices back to the management until a written agreement covering such liabilities is presented to them.