Kindergarten Teachers Being Trampled Upon by New Protocols. 

The Union of Professionals Educators – Voice of the Workers is appalled by the blatant disregard towards the collective agreements of 2017 and 2018 covweing both State and Church. It seems that signatories have forgotten, or have intentionally ignored, that which had been discussed back then.

It is to be brought to attention that, within the protocols which have been recently issued, there is a clear statement saying that 15 students can be accommodated in Kinder 1 (see point 2 of the for the re-opening of kindergartens in Malta protocols). This stands in stark contrast with what was agreed upon in the collective agreement, which distinctly states that; 

“The student population shall not exceed fourteen (14) learners in Kinder I and nineteen (19) learners in Kinder II.”

One should also note that the agreement also states that if;

“the class has at least one (1) student with a Statement of Needs the
student population shall not exceed twelve (12) learners in Kinder I and sixteen (16) learners in Kinder II”

The UPE has also received reports that KGEs are being advised that due to social distancing measures, no Class Support LSEs are to be assigned within their class. This, again, is in breach of the agreement which states:

In Kindergarten 1 to Year 6, all groups/classes shall benefit further from the support of a Learning Support Educator provided that the student population per group/class exceeds: 

  • 12 learners in Kinder 1; 
  • 14 learners in Kinder 2; 
  • 18 pupils in Years 1 and 6;

For this reason the UPE is asking both the Ministry of Education and the Secretariat of Education to provide reasonable clarification on the matter to the UPE so that its members will not be negatively affected by the above mentioned changes. 

Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in the issuing of directives aiming to safeguard our members. 

Should any of our members have any further queries, they are to contact the UPE without hesitation at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.