LSE 2 Update: Action was taken following the threat of legal action by the UPE

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers is glad to announce another successful result of its endeavours working for and with its members.

We have just been informed in a direct communication from Dr. Fabri, that at management level it has been determined that LSE II’s engaged in 2017 will be placed at step 3 in 2017, step 4 in 2018, step 5 in 2019 and step 6 in 2020.

We have also been assured that LSE II’s engaged in 2018 by the 2017 call will be placed in step 3 in 2018, step 4 in 2019 and step 5 in 2020.

It is to be noted that this prompt action was taken following the threat of legal action which the UPE officially announced a few days ago. It was through the hard work of the union and the constant support of the members following directives that ultimately this injustice has finally reached successful resolution. 

The union would thus like to express its gratitude for, and pride in, the support of its members on this issue.

It goes without saying that directives are still effective and will only be lifted once the Ministry holds true to its word and the promised rectification to the salaries of the people concerned is effected.

Should any of our esteemed members require any further insight or clarification or should they have any further queries, they should not hesitate to contact us via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400