LSEs disregarded in requests for feedback on their students

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has received reports from its members, about teachers and KGEs being asked to provide feedback on the performance of students with a statement of needs. The LSEs working with these students, on the other hand, were, not only, not asked to provide similar information, but were also not informed that such information would have been requested at all.

The union is very concerned about this request for feedback. Firstly, with our educators’ already heavy workload, this request only adds on to the hefty burden of paperwork they have to process. Moreover, the union sees this as a redundant request, as it is ultimately the LSEs working in close contact with these students who can provide the most accurate feedback. So much so, that many teachers have actually approached LSEs for assistance in the completion of this request for feedback.

Furthermore, if teachers or KGEs, who do not have a clear idea of the work being conducted behind the scenes by the LSE, were to provide feedback which is not accurate, the students’ entitlement to a statement of needs might be put in jeopardy.

With all of the above in mind, and with a strong sense of repugnance towards the utter disrespect shown to our educators and the students left in their care, and the complete disregard towards the professional status of LSEs, the UPE feels compelled to issue the following directive:

  • Teachers and KGEs, who are members of the UPE, are to refrain from forwarding any information to the SMT in relation to students with a statement of needs, unless this is completed, in all its parts, with the LSEs working in direct contact with the students concerned. 

Should any of our members have any further queries on the issue, the union can be contacted via email at or by calling our offices on 2590 5400.