Maltese Law Courts taking too long to resolve cases involving educators

Union Of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers (UPE) would like to show its disappointment at receiving feedback from various educators that are undergoing criminal proceedings for allegations posted in their regard.  It would appear that the cases are taking too long to be resolved by the Maltese Courts of Justice. 
The union is conscious of the fact that legal matters require investigation, time span and resource allocation however the well- being of the educators involved should be priority.  Humanly speaking such cases are stressful and have a detrimental effect on relatives and acquaintances.  Moreover educators involved in such issues have to contemplate their future career with such uncertainty in their immediate environment. 
Whilst condemning acts of abuse towards students it should be pointed out that several allegations reported over the past year have drawn a blank. 
The union respectfully calls on the competent authorities to resolve such situations at the earliest for the benefit of those concerned.