MCAST delays publishing results without justification

The Union of Professional Educators Voice of the Workers was approached by a group of students currently attending MCAST, and who are reading for a B.A hons. In Inclusive Education on a part-time basis.

The students reported that ever since the beginning of the course, they have been feeling like they have not been treated like professional adults, many obstacles have been placed along their way, and their voices were not heard when they contested any issue.

What these LSEs are now remonstrating about is a heavy delay, on the part of MCAST, to issue results. From what has been reported, only one result has been published to date, and five results are still pending, two of which date back to December 2019. Their several requests, sent via email, to have the results published have fallen onto deaf ears on many an occasion. 

When the lecturers were approached for clarification, the students were reassured that results had been submitted, and that from their end, the lecturers had respected deadlines. It seems that it is entirely MCAST which is holding back the results, without any justification given to interested parties. 

The students feel that the current situation dictated by COVID-19 cannot be held accountable for these delays, as they have had similar issues even prior to the onset of the virus on the island. Furthermore, a promise from MCAST to provide further information on the 27th of April, was not lived up to, leaving these students feeling disgruntled at being treated so unprofessionally.

The union finds the treatment of these educators following a path of studies at MCAST reprehensible. When students are so diligently following instructions and respecting deadlines, the institute they are attending is in duty bound to pay back with the same level of professionalism and respect, especially when results have been submitted by the lecturers and all that needs to be done is to forward these results to the students.