UPDATE: MCAST issue to be brought up as a Parliamentary Question

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers was yet again contacted by members of the union who are LSEs and who are reading for a Bachelor’s degree in Inclusion with MCAST, this time on our sister island Gozo. These LSEs expressed their concern over an issue which is causing them unnecessary extreme distress after having had their dissertation proposals accepted, only to be reviewed several months later.

The union was informed that in July 2019, these students were asked to submit their dissertation proposals. Back then these students were not assigned a tutor and so were compelled to complete the form without any professional assistance or guidance. The result of their submission had them let out a sigh of relief when all proposals were approved and they could thus proceed with their work.

However, in March 2020, these LSEs were shocked to find out that without any further elucidation they were being asked to resubmit the form. The results of these proposals came out two and a half months later and much to their dismay, this time, not all were approved. Furthermore, those which were approved were issued first, whereas those which were not took a while longer. When the students notified their tutors, the latter were surprised as they believed that all of the students’ proposals had met the required criteria.

The union cannot help but wonder why MCAST so unceremoniously decided to ask for a resubmission of proposals seven months after their approval, only to contest the original decision taken and ultimately retract the approval made on some of the proposals.

The union is appalled at how these students are being treated, especially those whose proposals were rejected and subjected to review. Time is running out on these students, for whom the deadline in January 2021 is looming over their heads as they are being asked to sit and wait until the new approvals are issued. No indication was given to them as to when this would happen either, leaving them powerless before a situation in which their activity is being stunted, and they feel they might have to engage in a maniacal race against time in what will be left of the summer months.

With MCAST turning a blind eye onto their plight and leaving them in a state of utter distress, these students are now requesting their issue as a parliamentary question. The union feels that their request is fully justified by the utter lack of professionalism with which these students are being handled, and will comply to their request promptly.


The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers has been informed by the Deputy Principal at MCAST that resubmissions of proposals coded ‘C’ should be done by the end of June and assured the union that feedback will be given by no later than the 15th of June 2020. These proposals will be coded ‘A’ or ‘B’ if all recommendations made are taken on board. 

A meeting with the students will be held on Thursday the 4th of June 2020 with the ICS Director Annemarie Cassar, to thoroughly explain the whole process.