Meeting at the DIER with Clubclass owner.

The full board of executive members of the Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, together with the union’s legal representative and two delegates from Clubclass, attended a conciliatory meeting at the DIER this morning. Also, in attendance there was Clubclass owner Joe Aquilina and his legal team.

The meeting was held in the DIER boardroom in Valletta, and was chaired by the DG at DIER and an inspector from the DIER. During the meeting, Clubclass owner Joe Aquilina was asked to forward all the information requested back in April as soon as possible. There was much resistance to comply evident in both Joe Aquilina’s behaviour, as well as his legal team, when this request was made, as Mr. Aquilina claimed to be feeling he is being penalised in some way, by providing that information. The union still fails to understand how a basic action like providing a list of names for verification and recognition should make him feel penalised, especially given that the list does not comprise a myriad of names, and are basically immediately available on his payroll, as they are all receiving the COVID wage supplement.  

Regardless of the uncomplicated nature of this request, Joe Aquilina asked for the deadline to be extended until Friday the 24th of July, as the date when the information should reach the DIER offices. The DIER accepted this date, and specified that the list should comprise only and exclusively teachers working at Clubclass all year round and excluding DoS, ADoS and seasonal workers, as per employment status on payroll in April, when the request for verification for recognition was originally sent by the UPE.

Many questions still need to be answered, and the UPE is looking forward for the verification process to be completed, to determine the next steps that will need to be taken.

Since the matter has not been resolved, all the Clubclass directives issued to date, including that of the strike, have not been revoked.