Ministry Oblivious To The Elephant In The Room – Lack Of Social Dialogue

After the Maths and Maltese Exam saga, the Union of Professional Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers met the Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister of Education and Employment in the hope of establishing grounds for a better working relationship, combatting teacher shortages and voicing the concerns of Educators in general.

During the meeting, the Union was promised by the Minister that MEDE would invite the UPE to various meetings to discuss the impact of future reforms as well as ongoing changes within the department.

Unfortunately, the Ministry has reneged on its promises and has announced on the media that talks will get underway to discuss the benchmark changes. The irony is that the Ministry has claimed that it discussed and will discuss the changes with “all stakeholders”, giving the impression that consultations are underway. The Minister needs to explain to the general public that due to this lack of communication, his Ministry is responsible for the current crisis within the Educational Sector, and for this reason, UPE will not accept any changes that might impact its members in the near future, without the proper consultations.

The Honourable Minister Bartolo appears to be unaware of the elephant in the room. Unless dialogue with all stakeholders (and not a selected group of stakeholders) take place, the Ministry will keep on facing inevitable difficulties in the implementation of future reforms.