More reports of violent incidents from schools.

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is receiving reports, almost daily, of violent incidents involving students with a statement of needs, apart from those involving other non-statemented students.

In a recent article dated the 7th of November the Union highlighted the present situation whereby L.S.E.s are arriving home bruised and battered, after a day at work, and this is not an acceptable healthy working condition for any Public Sector employee, especially for those working at schools.

The Union urges M.E.D.E. to adopt a strategy which they employ the services of various Professionals and Entities, to handle these dangerous situations. Apart from working with schools to provide a safer atmosphere for all M.E.D.E. can hold case conferences for students involved in these incidents where all parties concerned can benefit and gain insight for a positive way forward.

Apart from the fact that our schools seem to lack the adequate personnel to handle such difficult situations, we seem to be facing a situation where our L.S.E.s, who may be the most vulnerable due to their proximity with students, are not being trained to handle everyday school life occurrences in a professional and safe way.

Meanwhile, we urge members to report all instances that may present dangerous or worrying situations to the concerned authorities and the Union, because these things cannot be brushed under carpets if we want our students to grow into responsible citizens.