No Consultations Leave Primary School Teacher With Added Work

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers, is shocked to see that the Minister of Education and Employment, persists in introducing new reforms over the media without having any previous consultations with all stakeholders, mainly Unions.

It’s even more upsetting when such reforms are launched on the last day of the scholastic year, with the aim to prevent Teachers from discussing the issue at hand.

UPE is aware that such a reform will significantly increase Primary School Teachers’ workload within the coming years. It’s unacceptable that after the signing of the collective agreement, new reforms are being introduced on a yearly basis. Such reforms are creating confusion among Educators.

In a recent meeting with the Minister of Educational and Employment, Dr Evarist Bartolo, made it clear to our Union Officials that he is against excessive paperwork, and this precisely is what this reform will result into. This U-Turn worries the Union and its members, as it creates a sense of instability for the coming years.