Open Week at Blata l-Bajda Middle School Disrupt Teachers sessions – Directives

Member Teachers of Union of Professional Educators (UPE) at Blata l-Bajda Middle School are perturbed at having parents visiting classrooms in the course of ongoing lessons during an open week activity at their school.  It so happens that the exigencies of the event call for Teachers replacements and absence from the classroom thus giving rise to inconvenience.

In this connection the union has been in contact with the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) and informed the education officials that directives would be relayed to members if the situation is not clarified.

Although the Ministry confirmed in writing that such a situation will not arise  the Union is issuing precautionary directives to our members at the Blata Il-Bajda Middle School to safeguard the interests of involved educators .  These include the following instructions, namely,

1) Teachers members of UPE are directed not to replace colleagues on School premises.

2) Teachers members of UPE are expected to adhere to their usual everyday lesson time-table.

3) Teachers members of UPE are required to assume teaching duties and refrain from allowing parents to visit their classrooms.

Members may contact us for further clarification via email.   Any information from members is welcomed should the situation persist.