Photocopy Inconvenience

The centralised printing system is one of the Education Departments latest scheme.  One has to point out that the policy has been introduced after the revival of a public sector regulation that enforces printing in the public sector to be affected solely by the Government Printing Press.
One understands that such as policy is enforced within government offices for various reasons but the Union of Professional Educators – Voice of The Workers has sounded the alarm on this issue a few months ago with the competent authorities.
The Union is categorically against the implementation of the proposed system after noticing the shortcomings of a pilot project that required teachers to email their resources causing additional procedural issues.   Members have experienced a bureaucratic and complex system with additional paperwork for the ordering of printouts. The Union also received complaints that deliveries of the remitted resources sent were not punctual leaving teachers empty-handed during certain lessons.
UPE is also concerned with the fact that resources being sent to the printing press might eventually be used by the department as to compile a database of material which could eventually be published breaching the right for intellectual property should the scheme materialise as stated. It seems that teachers are also preoccupied with other concerns, namely the possibility of comparison of work output, lack of flexibility and other related inconveniences.
UPE proposes that the previous system remains in place and the department fine-tunes areas that may be problematic. In the eventuality that the proposed scheme is implemented the union will consider remedies available to safeguard its members in the best possible way.