Possible Violations of Teachers’ Professional Ethics by Class Inspectors

The UPE is receiving disconcerting reports on the treatment of teachers during class inspections as part of the school audits. 

The reports received indicate that school audit inspectors are failing to show basic courtesy and manners. Audit inspectors are entering the classrooms unannounced. After sitting down for a while taking note of the teacher’s movements, they start to query the teacher, move around the classroom checking the contents of units and desks while the lesson is ongoing. Other reports state that that inspectors were heard commenting on the lesson, questioning the teacher and counter-checking the student material with the teacher’s resource file: all this to make it plainly obvious to students that the teacher was under inspection. In some instances, the inspectors even took away samples of educational material prepared by the teacher without notifying them. 

Teachers contacting the Union have reported feeling completely degraded and reviled in front of their own students during the class inspection.  In this regard, the UPE has strong grounds to suspect that the alleged practices fall foul of the Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers. 

In light of these serious allegations, the UPE is urging all educators experiencing such degrading treatment to contact its officials. The UPE re-asserts its zero-tolerance to any form of abuse on educators and will not spare any legal means to combat these occurrences. 

Finally, the UPE reminds the education authorities that they are legally bound to provide safe working environments that respect the psychological well-being of educators and do not expose them to the harmful effects of intimidatory, degrading and humiliating behaviour.